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How Leaders Are Impacting Their Team's Performance

Updated: Jun 17

Chad Lingafelt, Managing Partner of LocDoc Security & Host of the Coffee Break Podcast talks with us about how leaders are impacting team performance.

Episode 126 is Part 1 of 2 with Wingspan Performance. See Part 2 here.

Show Highlights:

02:40 Rapid Fire Q #1: What future year are you most looking forward to arriving in?

06:33 Rapid Fire Q #4: What was an experience that you didn't think much about that ultimately made you a better person? (A big life changing event that made me a better person)

- While we don't control things outside of ourselves, we control how we decide to respond to things.

- Following your Knowing

14:25 How much are leaders intentionally or unintentionally affecting the performance of their team?

- We're always teaching people what's acceptable

- The environment you're around--you're either intentionally or unintentionally choosing those behaviors

16:36 "High performer behaviors" in one role work against us in other roles

18:11 It's critical to explicitly outline both technical skills & behavioral skills that are required/expected for each role

- Stating only technical performance requirements is how a leader will unintentionally contribute to sub-par team performance

21:57 How can we identify when a leader is starting down the path of micromanaging & doing things themselves? And, how do I coach them?

29:07 Developing & documenting processes directly supports higher performance

32:43 A team player that has excelled in Job A isn't necessarily qualified in the behavioral competencies of Job B (yet that's typically how we promote employees in our organization)

This is part 1 of a 2-part podcast. See part two here.

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