• Cathy Maday

Top 6 Sins When You Want to Influence Others

How often are you creating problems for yourself by committing one (or more) of these Top 6 Sins when influencing others?

1. Using bubblewrap or lazy language with overly intense emotion

2. Only adding Volume to your habitual language

3. Using Absolutes [all, nothing, never, always, everyone, etc...]

4. Using dramatic language ["Rome is burning people!"]

5. Judging the other person (or their idea) as wrong or less than

6. Not Listening 6.5 BONUS: Not Asking Questions

If you're not sure, start paying attention & ask a teammate to help you!

Eliminate stress and increase your confidence by influencing more of what you want at work & at home!

Want more help? Give me a shout!

[photo credit: felipe pelaquim]

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