• Ivan Konermann

What about someone who DOESN'T want to advance?

What do you say when someone wants to stay in their role for the foreseeable future? Here are a few thoughts on this situation, which is common.

Leaders are usually in their positions because they have a record of seeking more responsibility, wanting to advance. It can seem unusual to them if someone else doesn't want that, which is each person's preference, and may have lots of reasons behind it.

If a person is wanting to "stay where they are", and is meeting expectations in both WHAT they do (results), as well as HOW they do it (behaviors & communications), then Congratulations! That person is consistently getting the job done.

In conversations around a team member wanting future work to "be the same", it will be essential to include the requirement of evolving with the role...the job description, tools, processes, and players that define a job today will certainly change. Make it clear that part of every job is to grow with and continue to meet new requirements, so an essential workplace skill is lifelong learning, so team members can incorporate new tools or processes.

It's critical to say these things out loud, so team members know that things "won't be the same forever", and to set the expectation that learning and adapting is part of every role, now and tomorrow.

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