• Cathy Maday

Wingspan Performance & the Human Side of Entrepreneurship

Rochelle Rizzi, CEO of Le Vrai Nord, interviews Cathy for the True North Entrepreneurial Docuseries.

If you're a leader or entrepreneur, you know that it's lonely at the top.

Rochelle's mission includes building connection and community by sharing the human side of entrepreneurship. These two powerful & inspiring business leaders accomplish just that in this heartfelt & informative conversation.

[Watch the episode here!]

Here's a preview of the episode:

  • [00:19] Intro: Rochelle Rizzi & Cathy Maday "You're so much more than a coach..." When you know deep down you're capable of so much more, we're your Wingman!

  • [05:01] Leaders taking on too much, high achiever behaviors start to work against you

  • [08:52] Fears about Delegating: "What if they're really not following through?" "What if the quality of work goes down?" "What if we lose a customer?" Trust in Self & in Others--How to do this in a productive way

  • [17:26] The Human Side of Entrepreneurship How we can get into a shame spiral Our Protective Patterns & how to exercise compassion & care for ourselves

  • [23:33] The powerful leader behavior of Owning Up "How can I tell my team I'm wrong?"

  • [29:14] "I don't feel heard. He's not listening." How to focus on healthy control.

Hope you enjoy the episode & remember--Be Good to Yourself!

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