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For 18 years, Wingspan has served like a Wellness Center, supporting our clients with their long-term performance & development.  In their new crisis, increasingly frustrated leaders are desperately seeking "Urgent Care" interventions for them and their teams as they face immediate and significant challenges.


In leaders’ own words, here are some of the most urgent issues they (and you) are battling for the foreseeable future:

  • "My team members are really stressed out worried about layoffs and the company's future...and sometimes so am I."

  • "We keep getting more work, while being told to lay off team members."

  • "My team members and my family are asking tough questions I don't have answers to."

  • "Decisions and priorities are changing daily...and I'm struggling to keep up."

  • "I've worked here for 22 years and I'll probably be looking for a new job.  I don't even know where to start."


This is the harsh reality in virtually every organization today.  If this is your reality, and you've decided to do something about it, CONTACT Ivan Konermann to BOOK a 45-minute Private Session now.


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