• Cathy Maday

Tough Week? Focus on Self Care, Not Motivation

Tough week?

Just today, 5 people exasperatingly confessed they were stressed from working their taxes. During coaching sessions this week, 5 other leaders expressed serious concerns about their employees & managers being burned out, stressed out or checked out.

Let's make sure we're looking out for one another by checking in-- sincerely.

Be sure you're asking your teammates & friends ?'s like:

- How are taking breaks during the day?

- How will you care for yourself this weekend so that you restore?

- What activities help you recharge your batteries?

- Want to chat over a glass of wine this evening?

Managers: Instead of focusing on "motivation" focus on #selfcare.

Self care is essential for sustainable healthy performance so we're creating both the results & relationships we really want.

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