• Cathy Maday

What Are You Looking For?

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." - John Lubbock

When I fall back into Autopilot, I have an awful habit of looking for what's not done yet, what's not "right" yet, what's not working...

Not only is it exhausting and annoying for my teammates (right Ivan?!) I annoy myself when I realize I'm doing it. Yikes. This is definitely not me in my Performance Zone doing my best work.

If you have a habit like this (most high performers do) then hopefully you'll appreciate this quote as a reminder to choose what you're looking for today.

Today, I'm going to deliberately look for micro-progress, fun & ease throughout the day.

I bet that's what I'll end up seeing. 😉

What are 2 small things you're going to look for today?

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